Give a Little Grace

Stand tall, do your best, and give a little grace to those who need it! 

In the past week I have had intimate personal conversations with two women I know, admire, and adore. Each of them is having a personal struggle. Each day both wakes up to a sorrow, a possibility of a loss, a future uncertain and a hurt incomprehensible. The remarkable thing is you would not know this. If you meet either of these ladies, their pain will be their own and they will be kind, pleasant and happy for you. What strength they have in the face of adversity. I’m sure they may cry at home but for you they put on a brave face.

This made me realize – we just don’t know what is really going on with those around us. We assume everyone has a better, happier, and more successful life … but we don’t know the sadness they may feel, the troubles they may endure, or what secrets they keep.

About a month ago I had yet another women apologize for not being herself and she shared her own recent troubles with me. That reminded me before we judge someone’s actions we need to accept we do not know the whole story. We do not know the ‘why’ sometimes. How easy it would be to blame PMS or call someone difficult or quiet or reserved or whatever the reaction may be.

As women we are taught to be strong and to keep our chin up and to move forward with pride. No one wants a whiner or crybaby! But maybe we need to cut each other a little slack and give each other a little grace from time to time. Maybe we need to consider a little compassion first for we may not know the whole story.

This had me thinking about what I have wanted during my times of difficulty, and I think more than anything that is Compassion..Empathy and Understanding. It’s also a bit of grace or a little slack. There were times I felt I was not the best Pilates instructor I could have been due to stress, fear, lack of sleep, and emotional turmoil weighing me down. It is hards to put your best foot forward when you don’t feel like your best self. All we can do is the best we can do each day and hope to be better the next day. I am very thankful for the grace, patience, support, kindness and understanding from my students and friends … some who had no idea what my situation was. Their support lifted me through a hard time and kept me standing tall. I hope I can return that grace and compassion to those I come in contact with in their time of need 🙂

Let’s all practice a little grace for we know not when we may need it in return!


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