Setting Goals

One of my goals - climbing Camelback!
One of my goals – climbing Camelback!

Last night at dinner, the boys and I went around the table sharing like we like to do. Each night we pick a different topic or item to share. Last night we picked “What is a goal you have and how will you work on accomplishing it.”  It was fun to hear the boys talk about wanting to improve at football and have success in their next games. My husband shared a goal as well and his plans to improve. My goal was to run well in my Bourbon Chase Relay in a week and a half.  I shared that I would eat well, rest and make my runs count leading up to the relay.

I believe it’s important to have goals throughout the year … not just new year’s resolutions. We can always be improving, growing, reaching and expanding. Some goals may be big – completing a new feat such as my relay. Some may be smaller, doing a plank every morning. Some goals may take a long time to achieve or may have smaller goals built in.

As we tell my stepsons, you may not succeed the first time you try. But failure does not give you permission to quit. It’s an opportunity to reassess and refocus. Our successes are even more triumphant when we’ve worked hard to get to the goal.

I have goals for my Pilates workouts, for you as my students, and for my studio. It keeps me working, striving and showing up everyday. My goals motivate me, too!

If you don’t have any goals right now, take a moment to think about what you could be working on. If you need my help defining a goal – just ask. I think Pilates classes are even more enjoyable when we are working towards a goal together!

Happy goal setting!

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