A Class Just for YOU!

Class designed for new mommies!

I am often asked how I plan your class. I am also asked if I teach the same class to everyone each week. Well, the answer to that is a resounding no! One size or one class plan definitely does not fit all.

One of the aspects of being your Pilates instructor that I love is finding movements that are perfect for your individual needs. I get to know each of you so I know if you need a little knee support, or low back strengthening or maybe you want some extra glute lifting! Students needs also change from time to time. It’s key to tell your instructor what is going on with your body from because it may change over time. While you may have an ache that does not necessitate a doctor’s visit, if I know about it we may be able to help you improve your situation.

Each class I make sure we cover leg work, single leg work, abdominals, chest, back, arms, glutes, and obliques, too! Some classes we’ll focus more on inner thighs, for example. Other days – shoulders may get some extra attention.

I require all students to take a private sessions first so I can get to know you and your body. It gives me a chance to watch you move and talk with you about any past injuries or issues and future goals. You’d be surprised what comes out in the middle of the class … not in the beginning. I find students tend to downplay their issues. It could be an attempt not to complain or seek pity but in Pilates – the more knowledge I have about you the better!

I have one student who had knee surgery 20-ish years ago. After working together for a while she mentioned it casually and I added in knee strengthening exercises for her. Within a few weeks she could tell a difference and saw improvements in her knee after all that time!

I also find sometimes students come to accept certain limitations or pains assuming that it is just age or how it has to be. Another student mentioned that she had had abdominal surgery many years earlier. She had accepted her lower abs as not being as strong or flat as she would like but figured that was how it was. We worked together to safely rediscover her lower abdominals and rebuild that strength. It can be easy to compensate after a surgery and often difficult to target what you need to target … but we did! Now, years post surgery she has the tummy she desired!

So don’t be shy – speak up – ask for what you need! Ask questions, probe and inquire. I want to tailor your class for you and I can only do that if I really know what you need!

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