Sitting this one Out

Last year's entry to the Pilates Anytime competition
Last year’s entry to the Pilates Anytime competition

As my regular students know, last year I created a video and competed in the Pilates Anytime Next Instructor competition. I entered more for the experience and practice required to compete. It was a great experience! I learned from the process, had fun and grew as an instructor. I had every intention of entering again this year. I was looking forward to giving it a try again.

Unfortunately the universe or at least my small corner of it is working against me! In order to create a good video you need several key things.

1. A nice quiet space – With construction going on behind me and jackhammers in use on my street in front of me … that is impossible right now.

2. A qualified student – My Pilates gals seem to be in the midst of a baby boom! The exercises required are advanced and complex – and I find myself without a great candidate who is not pregnant 🙂 It would be irresponsible of me to ask someone who is not ready to try to fill in.

3. Time – End of school, merging homes, building a studio, selling a condo, redecorating and more is taking all the time I have!

I’ve been trying to find a way to make this work but kept coming back to the same three issues. I was feeling sad and disappointed to miss this year. But I realized, we have a lot good going on right now. I will participate next year. This is not one of those situations where I am quitting to never return … it’s more a sabbatical! I can still work on the movements myself. I can still learn from other’s videos. I can still challenge myself with the movements. There is still benefit to be gained.

So look out Pilates Anytime – I’ll be back stronger than ever next year! And I can’t wait to see the wonderful entries you get this year 🙂


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