Is Showing Up Half the Battle?

IMG_2023There is a saying that goes something like “Showing up is half the battle.” I’ve even heard an alternative version that claims showing up is 90%.  While I understand sometimes the first step is the hardest, I’m not sure I agree with the statement.

I’ve been watching workers build a stone wall across the street from me. Each day half a dozen or so workers show up. Here’s what I’ve also noticed – some workers are really taking pride in their job and working efficiently and swiftly. Other workers are taking breaks, spending time idly chatting and doing minimal work. It’s easy for me to see who’s the hard worker because the foreman actually spray painted the names of each worker on the wall to show which section they are responsible for completing. As progress is made and sections are completed, one section remains with minimal progress. This worker is showing up everyday and finding ways to not work.

I some times see this in class. It’s not often at my studio but when I taught in a gym setting it was fairly common. Students show up but then fail to really work. I saw folks going through the motions, taking breaks, talking, getting water, checking their phones, leaving early and more. If showing up is 50% than wouldn’t it stand to reason you should get 50% of the results for showing up? The truth is you can not get results without doing the work. Yes – coming to class is the first step but unless you are going to really participate and work you will not see results.

If you are showing up just to be able to say – I do Pilates – please don’t. Not only are you not benefitting yourself, you are also creating a bad impression of Pilates for others. If you find class too challenging, talk to your instructor and ask how it may be modified to meet your needs. If you are having a bad day Pilates is a great way to work through it.  I often find a workout makes a bad day good. If you don’t like your workouts – try something else. There are so many ways to get fit you should not have to struggle through a workout you hate or pretend to participate.

I think I can speak for most instructors when I say – we want you to show up and we want to help you achieve your goals but only you can do the work.

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