Happiness Potential

Quality time, adventure and the family = Happy!

As I sat down to write this week’s blog, I had many thoughts going through my head. One common theme kept coming up  – I’ve got it good. In the game of life – I’m doing great! And I say that not in a competitive sense – really the goal is for all of us to be doing great isn’t it? My happiness or success should not be at your expense or failure. In fact, my happiness can grow as a result of yours. We can and should all support each other in achieving our own versions of happy and success.

Some times we get a little lost comparing ourselves, trying to achieve someone else’s happy, holding on to the past, and forgetting to focus on ourselves. What might make you happy may not be the same for me. I can waste a lot of energy and emotion trying to keep up with others or I can figure out what I truly want. Material things don’t really do it for me. I crave experiences, memories, and quality time. While a new purse or shoes are great – at the end of the day I’d trade those for an afternoon exploring, laughing and being active with the ones I love. Your happy may be totally different from mine! You may crave a good glass of wine and good conversation with a friend or a day of movies or working in your garden.

I believe once we stop seeing life as a competition and start seeing it as an opportunity, our happiness potential soars. When we get stuck in the past and focus on what we used to have or do or look like – we can’t truly move forward. When we try to impress others and copy their happy – all we achieve is an empty feeling. When life is a competition – it’s one that never ends and one you can never truly win. Who gets to decide if your life is good?  Who gets to decide if you are achieving your happiness potential – ONLY YOU!

Today – just for fun and just for you – write down 5 things that make you happy. It can be as simple as a smile from a stranger or as complex as mastering a new skill.  Stick that list in your purse, wallet or somewhere you can find it from time to time. Make it your ‘to-do’ list.  There is no time limit and only you will know if you are succeeding. There is no judge and no competitors … only you can achieve your happiness potential!

Good luck, have fun, smile and let’s get happy!!

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