Beating the Heat

Pilates under the shady trees!
Pilates under the shady trees!

It’s hot out there! Yesterday I went to the park with my husband and our boys to play basketball. We did not last long at all! All of us were sweaty, thirsty and tired within about 20 minutes. Back to the air conditioning and ice cold water we went!

So how do you manage to keep your activity level up when the heat is on? Here are some tips, strategies, and suggestions for an active Summer even in the heat!

1. Exercise outside in the morning or at night.  While it may be more humid in the morning, the temperature is generally 10 degrees cooler. In the evening the humidity tends to die down and the sun isn’t burning down on us anymore.

2. Bring water with you! I have a handheld water bottle I can run with. I put it in my freezer so it is frozen at the beginning of my run. When it’s 90 -plus  degrees out – it doesn’t take long for my ice to melt. Usually by the time you feel thirsty, you are already a little dehydrated. Plan ahead, drink as you go and you’ll go farther!

3. Seek shade! In Nashville, we are fortunate to have several great parks with wooded areas and tree covered sections. Hiking on trails or doing Pilates under the shade of a tree will not only be cooler but also safer and more enjoyable.

4. Sunscreen!  We should all know this one by now – if you are going to be outside and active sunscreen up! Protect your skin now so you don’t suffer later.

5. Come inside. Summer is a great time to explore new options like Pilates or classes at your gym.  With folks away on vacation, classes are usually not as packed. Take advantage of smaller classes, more open spots and more hands-on help this Summer by going inside for your workout.

6.  Dress smart. Yesterday around 2pm when it was already over 90 degrees I saw a girl running in the bright sun in black shorts and a black top! HOT! Choose lighter colors if you can and breathable light fabric.

7. Try new activities. A great activity to try in the heat is biking. You create your own breeze when you are riding along. Swimming outdoors also will help keep you cooler. Both of these activities provide good cardio workouts.

There you have it – a few tips and strategies to keep active when the temperatures soar. It can be done with a little thought and planning!  Have a wonderful Summer and stay active!

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