Loyalty is a word that has come up several times in conversation for me this past week. I’ve been giving it some thought lately, too.  Sometimes that’s how it works, you hear the same message from multiple sources and it settles into your brain.

I traveled home recently to visit some friends and to get my hair done. My hairstylist and dear friend Angela mentioned how flattered she was that I was willing to find the time see her when in town. We both agreed, we are loyal when we find something that works for us. We stay true to what we like and trust. Funny enough my roommate from many years ago,  introduced me to this hairstylist and then changed to a new stylist only a few months later. I would say my roommate at the time was more a ‘next best thing’ mentality and not a loyalist like myself.

New equipment provides new challenges for my students.

Last night my husband and I were talking and the topic of loyalty came up. We both agreed that loyalty in a relationship was about being faithful, trustworthy and committed to your partner. We both value loyalty very much. It’s the foundation of our relationship.  It feels great knowing you have a partner and knowing your partner always has your back.  We also discussed loyalty to a trainer. Some students switch trainers and gyms to find the next best deal, while others stay loyal to one trainer. We both felt more success stories come from loyalty!

I’ve had a several students recently comment on how long they have been coming to Pilates with me. It is wonderful to have those long-term relationships with my students. They are loyal to me and I am loyal to them. It is easy to see how they are loyal to me – showing up every week, every month and year. But how am I loyal to them? My loyalty to my students means I am present, I continue to educate myself, grow and learn, and I continue to improve my skills so their skills can grow as well. Let’s face it – would you continue to come to class week after week if we did the same thing every time? Would you continue to be loyal, if I offered no new opportunities for you? Of course not!

My loyalty to you means I continue to be what you need.  I continue to be present, to be educated and to be enthusiastic about what I have to offer. I continue to care. Much like my hairstylist stays current, I too must stay current for you. Loyalty is a quality, I strive to always possess for my business and my family.

Where are you loyalties?  What is important to you?

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