Finding Motivation In New Ways

Relay Racing!
Relay Racing!

No matter how disciplined or dedicated you are, sometimes you still need some motivation. Doing the same thing day after day can get monotonous. That’s why no two classes are the same here at 12South Pilates. What if you still need more motivation? Sometimes even our favorite things can feel like a chore from time to time. How do we reinvigorate and re-excite?

Here are a few things I have done recently that are helping me find new motivation for the workouts I love! Recently, I reached out to a Pilates instructor friend of mine and invited her to come play on the reformers with me. We took turns going back and forth sharing our favorite movements and exercises. The time flew by and we had a fun, eclectic and effective workout. I learned a few things, and I was re-energized to share them with my students. Feeling like you need a new challenge?  Just ask or share your needs and we’ll shake it up … but remember be careful what you ask for it 😉

I was also recently asked to join a Bourbon Chase Relay team with some friends of mine. This is a 200 mile relay race across Kentucky with a team of 12 runners each running 3 legs to complete the full course. I have done several relays in the past but it’s been about 3.5 years. I jumped at the chance. Ordinarily, running in the heat is miserable, but now I am training and working on a goal. My miles matter now! I certainly don’t want to let my team down or be the weak link. It has been much easier to get out the door and go a little farther knowing I am working towards a goal this summer.

Still need some motivation? Share your goals or struggles with me and I’m happy to offer suggestions. Maybe we’ll throw in some mat work or the jump board. We can always mix it up to keep your body challenged and interested! And soon we’ll be adding in TRX to our workout mixture!

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