Play Like a Kid

If you spend any time with children, you will quickly learn their only goal is to have fun and play … all day! They are carefree and will play and play and play. Children don’t understand why adults would not want to play, too?IMG_0643

As adults, however, we seem to push play to our last priority. Work, chores, et, al are all higher priorities before play. All of these needs come before fun. We even convince ourselves it would be irresponsible to have fun, to play and to take time away from work/life. When did we decide ‘fun’ is a luxury and ‘play’ is frivolous?

I was talking with a Pilates student the other day and she mentioned a seminar her husband attended. She said each day per the seminar her husband was instructed to ask himself six questions – one of which is “What are you going to do today to make yourself happier?” (I wish I knew the source and the rest of the questions but this is coming third hand … like a game of telephone!) 

I think this is a really good question. I believe the answer could be adding some fun and play back in our lives. We forget our time here is limited and there may not be as many tomorrows as we hope. Saving fun, happiness, and play for tomorrow might mean we never achieve it.

One of the reasons I love Pilates is for me it is play, it is fun, and it is happiness. I feel the same way about running, biking, hiking and many other active pursuits. Taking care of myself can also be fun and can add to my ‘happy’.  Too often I hear folks grumble about going to bootcamp or spinning class or whatever form of exercise they are suffering through. Find something else if you feel that way. Working out should be fun.

Give yourself permission to be happy and take a little time for yourself. I always find I am much more productive when I take care of myself. Stop delaying happy. And most of all don’t feel guilty about it! Think like a kid again. Play! Race your spouse across the parking lot or up the stairs! Skip, jump, bike and turn everyday items into play items. Don’t step on a crack! Balance on the curb! You’d be surprised what a few moments of fun and silliness can do for your day 🙂

Today let’s play and increase our happiness.

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