Pilates Instructors – They’re Just Like Us!

Pilates Instructors are Just Like Us!
Pilates Instructors are Just Like Us!

If you have ever paged through an US Weekly (Don’t worry – you don’t have to admit it. Your secret love of celebrity news is safe with me) you have probably seen a feature called “Stars They are Just like Us!” Pictured on the pages are celebrities getting gas, buying toilet paper, eating lunch and doing ‘normal things’. Today we are going to look at how Pilates Instructors are Just Like Us!

Believe it or not, your Pilates instructor doesn’t always hop out of bed and feel like working out! It’s true, we all have off days including me. Sometimes it’s my body telling me I need a break and sometimes I just need to dig a little deeper and find that self-motivation to start moving.

Pilates Instructors are just like us – they rely on friends and family for motivation and support. It’s true, my husband’s love of fitness provides inspiration and motivation to me. I want to be active and healthy for our boys so we can play football and basketball on the weekends and run around the park.

Pilates instructors sometimes eat chocolate or dessert! There is a mind set that it should be all or nothing. I don’t agree with that. A little indulgence occasionally will not derail my healthy lifestyle.

Pilates instructors set goals. Yes! Goals are good for everyone. Pilates is a practice with no finish line. Goals keep me working on the next achievement or level. Goals keep me challenged and motivated.

Pilates instructors are just like us – they are alway learning. This is a biggie! None of us is finished learning. Understanding the body or nutrition or how to use coordination … it does not matter what you learn, just keep learning.

While this blog is meant to be a little silly, the truth is all of us must work, grow and put in the effort to be healthy. No one is immune – Pilates instructor or student.

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