Play the Hand You are Dealt

Play your cards and make room for beauty in your life.
Play your cards and make room for beauty in your life.

Have you ever played a card game with a young child? It can be fun as well as funny but also occasionally you’ll hear this cry, “My cards are no good – this isn’t fair!”  Sometimes we are dealt worse cards than others. I am also sure everyone of us at some point has been told, “Life isn’t fair.” We don’t get to choose our cards or stack our deck. In a card game, we have to play the cards we are dealt. Sometimes … those bad cards end up not being so bad after all! Sometimes we win when the odds are against us.

I believe that is how life is, too. We don’t get to make all the choices. Sometimes we are dealt a raw deal. It’s not fair. Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to undeserving people. Wailing “This isn’t fair” is about as effective now as it was as a child playing cards. Throwing the cards across the room and giving up or throwing in the towel in life is also not going to solve the problem.

I had the opportunity recently to visit a friend. She’s been dealt a bad hand. A really bad hand, in fact. She’s a good person who works hard, cares for her family and friends, and is generous with her time and energy. None the less, she is dealing with family issues, medical issues in her family, and financial issues. I would venture to say most would not be handling things with as much grace as she is. I was so impressed and proud of her! Instead of wallowing in pity, she’s forging ahead and doing what she can do. She’s taking charge where she can and letting go where she needs to. Incredibly, she’s more concerned about her friend’s issues than her own.

We could all learn a little lesson there! How often do we lose sight of what is going on in someone else’s life when ours is hectic, stressful or unsettled? Maybe that is the secret – playing the cards you are dealt and not neglecting the people that are important to you. Maybe by helping another even during your hard time, some of the good comes back your way. I’d say it’s worth a try at least. At the end of the day or week or your life even … will you be better off for complaining about your lot in life or for doing what you could with what you had? The answer seems pretty obvious to me.

4 thoughts on “Play the Hand You are Dealt

  1. One has to work with what they have but don’t become complacent! Always look for advantages that are not seen at first! Life is complicated so use it to your advantage! #Thetrainer

  2. I personally have developed, with age I think, a fairly odd way of dealing with these issues. I actually enjoy when my “Apple cart” is messed up because I then have a “challenge ” that I can work on! Imagine if everything always went the way we wanted? It sounds good on paper but it would truly be very boring and after a while, not much fun! I now create challenges for myself everyday and I have so much more passion to get up and work on that day’s mission! #Thetrainer

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