Mixing it Up!

Conquer the Hills!As much as I think there is something to be said for keeping up a tradition, following a routine and sticking to a practice… I also think sometimes we need to mix it up. That is why even if you regularly do Pilates – I mix up your classes and change up the exercises. If you do Pilates with me, you’ll find we do some exercises almost every class. We also always throw something different in each class. No two classes are the same.

I am often asked which is better mat class or reformer class? Well the answer is both are good! I used to teach more mat classes but had gotten away from that this past year. The other day I decided to do some mat exercises similar to a class I would have taught before. It was fun and I was challenged!  I was even happily sore the next day! Sometimes we can forget when we get into a routine. Realizing how I was challenged by some mat exercises – I’ve been adding some into our reformer classes this week.  Don’t be surprised if we do some Series of Five variations on the reformer! I think nothing tightens a tummy quite like criss cross!

In that same vane of mixing it up, I’ve been hitting the trails for my runs lately.  The uneven ground, obstacles and winding path is giving my legs a new challenge. I was running before on the road and did not have to step from side to side or jump or climb. I could run at a faster pace on the road and that was the challenge then.

If you find something you enjoy – by all means keep at it! But you may want to consider how you can mix it up, too.  Could you change the order of exercises you do, the duration, the quantity?  Any change you make will challenge your body!  That’s the fun of it!

And sometimes we just want to do our predictable workout or run our familiar loop … and that’s ok too! Just get out there and do it!

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