Prime Pilates Training

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.37.45 PMWhat  a wonderful weekend I had in Chicago for the PRIME Pilates Training by McEntire Pilates. I also had the fortune of taking a class at OneBody Studio with the owner Nikki as my instructor. This is a Pilates teacher’s dream weekend 🙂  Sprinkle in visiting and staying with an old friend and see the Zach Brown Band at Wrigley Field … and it was pretty near a perfect weekend!

I learned so much this weekend in my training. I was inspired, rejuvenated, motivated and I grew my Pilates tool kit. The purpose of the training was to address working with clients with chronic conditions or therapy and rehab needs.  In some ways this workshop was not what I expected … and I am glad for that. I was asked to bring some case studies and examples of clients I had had and share my stories with various different challenges. I was able to talk about Parkinsons, MS, hip replacement, pregnancy, knee issues, shoulder issues, and more. I anticipated that we would discuss the proper protocol for each of these scenarios. What I was reminded is there is not one size fits all by condition.  Yes, there may be certain limitations with a hip replacement client but beyond those limitations – it’s all about assessing the individual’s needs.

I like to believe I do a good job of tailoring your classes to meet your needs.  I am thrilled to now have more tools and skills to do just that. You may be thinking… I’m healthy so that’s not going to serve me. Well, you would be wrong! Very few of us do not have some movement pattern issues.  We often get through life compensating with our stronger set of muscles. What I lack in core strength, I can power through with strong legs. This will only work for so long before either my legs got overused or my core becomes a problem. That’s my area that I work on with Pilates.  For each of us it is going to be different. Pilates is all about movement and improving how we move. When we can build strength, we can gain mobility, flexibility and strength. Some of our ‘inflexiblities’ can be attributed to weakness and instability. When we improve our movement pattern and create the strength needed to increase our range of motion we see the long term benefit that simply stretching can never give us.

I am excited to share more of what I learned with all of you in class in and through this blog in coming weeks.  It’s an exciting time to be a student at 12South Pilates!



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