Keep Learning

One of the new challenges in our studio!

Are you still learning? Do you seek knowledge? Do you seek to better yourself? Our lives are enriched when we expand beyond what we know, explore, take chances and try new things. It’s why we travel to new places, try new foods, read magazines and books and even why we try new exercises.

For me, part of the joy of what I do is finding answers, challenges and new understanding that I can share with my students. What is the best way to help tight hips?  What exercises should we do? What exercises should we avoid? What muscles are creating the problem?  These are the kinds of questions I ask and seek the answers to for you.  If you’ve come to class this week – you know I discovered some new low ab movements that really get to the point!!

As the student either here at 12South Pilates or in any class, you can keep learning, too. Ask questions. Reflect on what is happening in your body. Isolate muscles. Try to avoid compensating if you can! I love when students want to know the ‘why’ of an exercise. Honestly, it’s a pet peeve of mine when I take a class and the instructor doesn’t know why we are doing a movement besides that it is on his/her list! Every thing we do in Pilates is with a purpose and for a reason. That reason is never – just to burn calories. Pilates is a smarter way of moving. We use precision, purpose, and make choiceful decisions to create balance and strength in the body. I love it when you ask questions and seek to understand more about what we are doing.  If you stump me – I will find you an answer and we will learn together!

I just received the opportunity to participate in a workshop on Pilates for Athletic Performance. This is the sort of thing that gets me excited!! I can’t wait to see what information I learn and how that can be translated into class. The workshop is gear towards the everyday athlete who runs 3 times a week as well as the professional athlete.  As an athlete myself, I’ll be curious to learn more! I discovered Pilates as a cross-training tool and then fell in love with it. I know first hand it can be difficult to convince athletes to try Pilates but I also know there are so many benefits for athletes!  Stay tuned as I keep learning – so will you!

What can you do to keep learning?

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