Principles to Live By

Eat Right, Exercise, Be Kind and You'll be Happy & Healthy!
Eat Right, Exercise, Be Kind and You’ll be Happy & Healthy!

I was recently hanging out by the pool at my boyfriend’s condo as we were grilling our dinner.  Several other neighbors were also hanging out, and we all got to talking. I really think these chance encounters often yield the best wisdom!  (Next world political summit by the pool with a glass of wine maybe??)

What started out as a conversation about one particularly nosey neighbor turned into a discussion about being successful.  Norm, one of the neighbors, made the comment that when he managed a sales staff he always told them “I don’t care if you read the employee manual, but just use common sense.  If you do something stupid – I get a call and then I have to deal with you.”  As simple as that may seem it’s pretty accurate for most things in life. What if we all used common sense more often? Our gut tells us what’s right and wrong and yet sometimes we just defy it! We know ordering the party platter nachos is not a good call and yet we do it anyway and wonder why our workouts aren’t effective? We know skipping a workout for happy hour won’t get us any closer to our goal or make us that much happier. Common sense would tell us to keep the workout and then meet up after!

Common sense would also tell us if we don’t commit and stick to a program we can’t expect to see results. It’s just like sunscreen – it only works when we apply it!

Common sense would tell us if we are surrounding ourselves with people who don’t support our pursuit of a happy, healthy life – maybe these are the wrong people to hang with. But how often do we get sucked into an event or what not because we have a hard time saying no? Or we are worried about the perception that may give someone ‘influential’?  I can tell you I turned down many unhealthy lunch outings when I was in corporate America and this was frowned upon. While I may have missed out on the gossip – I also missed the unhealthy food and truthfully unhealthy cliches and gossip too.  I also have no regrets!

I would also add to this – treat others the same way you want to be treated.  That should be common sense but sadly I don’t think some think about that when making decisions. How would you feel if someone canceled plans with you at the last minute?  How do you think your trainer feels when you do the same? Obviously there are exceptions to rules and sickness/emergency is of course one of them. It’s also along these lines that as a trainer, I don’t yell at my clients. It’s not how I want to be encouraged. I prefer to motivate with positive comments and guidance. 🙂

So today I am sharing with you the elusive secrets to looking good, being fit and happy!  It’s as simple as using common sense.  Workout.  Eat Right.  Be kind to others.

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