Walk this Way!

I read an article recently that said people who walk even 1/2 a mile a day are healthier, fitter and happier.  The article went on to conclude even small amounts of activity really made a difference in overall long-term health.  (I wish I could find the article – I’d share a link but alas – I can’t!)

At any rate – the day I read that article I had an errand to run about half a mile from my house so I figured I’d walk.  And then the next day – I was asked to distribute some posters in my neighborhood – so again I thought I’d walk.  And sure enough one of the stores wasn’t open … so day three I set out again.  Least you think I’m logging a great many miles – these walks averaged slightly over a mile or so.   On day four – the sun was shining, the weather was perfect and I thought “what a perfect day for my little walk” so I set out for 20 minutes with no real reason other than enjoyment.  It’s important to note- I’m not a walker.  I’m a runner.  I’m competitive – and let’s be honest a bit too competitive at times!  None of my walks were at a competitive pace or about hitting a certain distance or time.

Around this same time, a friend asked me if I’d do the Mayor’s Walk with her and another friend.  While normally I’d be looking for something I could win – I thought this would be a fun afternoon event with friends.  So I signed up… I suppose without really trying to  –  I’ve been ‘training’.

What I have discovered over the past week and half of my mini walks:

– Taking as little as 10 minutes to get outside, walk, feel the sun, and move does uplift me!

– I have more energy for my ‘sedentary’ work when I come back from my mini walk

– My head feels clearer

– I’m happier and lighter

– and it’s not about exercise or burning calories (maybe that’s why I enjoy it – whatever I do is enough)

I have to say, I think the article is right.  Next time you need a break, to clear your head or an uplift – take a mini-walk.  Even 1/2 a mile will do you good!  I did the math too… if you walked just 1/2 a mile 5 days a week (so we are talking less than 10 minutes people!) – by the end of a year you would be down almost 4 pounds!   Little efforts to really add up!! I’m already looking forward to this afternoon’s mini-walk break … hope to see you out there too.

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