What I Like About Me!

The other day I was in the locker room at the gym and it was the busy time.  There were several women changing, chatting and primping.  I caught a bit of their conversation and it went something like this:

Woman 1 – “My thighs are dreadful – not fit for public viewing”

Woman 2 – “Are you kidding – have you seen my butt – I need a wide load sign”

Woman 3 – “Well at least you gals don’t have chicken legs like me!”

The conversation continued much in the same way with not one positive comment!  Why are we so quick to point out our flaws or what we perceive as our flaws?  Why do we waste our time trying to convince others of these flaws??  My philosophy is don’t tell others what’s wrong with you… they may not have noticed but as soon as you point it out that’s what they are going to see!  So in that vain I thought I’d turn the conversation around and tell you “What I like about me!”

  • I like that my arms are toned and my efforts with Pilates show!
  • I like that my legs are strong and I can be competitive and power up hills and go that extra mile
  • I like that I have good posture … most of the time!
  • I like that when I workout and eat right – I can see and feel the difference in my body.
  • I am lucky that my nails are strong and my hair grows fast!
  • And I like that I have just one unsymmetrical dimple!

What do you like about yourself?  What are the things you feel good about and should be sharing with the world?  If you must – write down what you don’t like and throw the list away.  Be done with it.  Take credit for all your uniqueness and fabulous qualities!

3 thoughts on “What I Like About Me!

      1. Grown up chat for a moment: There are a lot of people in the fitness industry … For various reasons. You are: Authentic, Passionate, Caring and knowledgeable. This puts you into a rather small group, good on you!
        Wish you the best and take care!

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