July 3rd marked my three year anniversary of moving to Nashville!  Wow – three years- it’s hard to believe it’s been that long and in some ways it seems longer. The choice to move is one I’ve never regretted although it hasn’t always been an easy one.

There are definitely things I gave up by moving – great friends close by, a pilates studio I loved, a cute fully renovated home, decent pizza, and a network of local business colleagues who knew my skills and experience.

Looking back on the past three years, there is so much more to celebrate!  I’m a list maker and very goal-oriented. I can lose sight of the accomplishments and focus too much on what still needs to be done or the finish line way off in the distance. I found myself feeling a little nostalgic on July 3rd and decided to take a rare moment and pat myself the back for all I have done in the past three years. I probably don’t give myself credit often enough – so here goes!

Moving to a new city where I knew virtually nobody and making new friends, getting involved and finding my way. Yes- I’m still terrible with directions and the window to say ‘I’m new in town’ has expired! But I’ve managed to find places that I like, people that I like and explore new areas as an independent person… and still find my way back home!

Learning the business of healthcare and learning the ropes of corporate world versus agency life. The roles are quite different and sometimes I figured that out the hard way!  But I put in two years and came out a stronger, smarter, more qualified person. I gained a new perspective and learned about a ‘new to me’ industry that has allowed me to pursue consulting work in Healthcare.

Surviving an epic 100 year flood at my home and then living through a second flood two months later. I’ve gained a new appreciation for the power of water and destruction of mud! If I had my way – this experienced I would have skipped but there was a lot of good that came from it. I meet my neighbors on a whole new level, I became involved in my community, I updated my home with uber -efficient everything and I saw the strength of the new friendships I had made as folks rallied to help me. I also saw that many had it much worse and even bad things happen to good people. It was a lesson on perspective and at the end of the day – I was still doing pretty good.

I took a leap of faith and followed my dream of self employment. For about 10 years I had had a desire to be in business for myself but didn’t know what I could do or have the courage to try. The experiences I had in Nashville of missing a great pilates studio and wanted to find a way to be more creative and have a bigger impact lead me to not one but two businesses. I founded 12South Pilates to give back the pilates experienced I had loved so much and to push myself to continue to learn and hone my skills. Crunch Consulting let’s my creative juices flow and lets me be a part of making other company’s goals happen. The skills I’ve learned in starting these businesses are too many to list. It’s refueled in me a desire to grow personally, to seek information, and push myself. I had become quite complacent and bored to be honest. No two days are the same now and it’s certainly not boring!

I’ve developed some great friendships and built a new circle while still holding on to friends from my past. It has taken a while to find and sort out the good folks and there have been a few disappointments with those who were not what what they seemed.  That’s life. With good come the bad and I think I’m getting better at spotting the true blue friends!

I’ve become a better cook. I had always wanted to be the kind of person who could look in a cabinet or refrigerator make something with what they found on hand. I still love a good recipe but I’m getting more comfortable improvising and trying new things. Having a farmers market across the street inspires me each week to try new things and experiment with what’s in season. Those who know me well know I used to live on canned soup! I’m happy to report – It’s been many months since I’ve bought a can of soup!

I volunteer! I’m involved with Girls on the Run as a buddy and on the marketing committee. I’m the treasurer of the 12South Neighborhood association and I also do pro-bono creative work for Ad2 helping charities polish up their image. I always wanted to be more involved with causes I believed in but never seemed to have the time. Having a more flexible schedule lets me find the time. What I get back from the experiences makes it more than worthwhile!

There’s just a quick list of what I want to celebrate from the past three years.  I’m looking forward to the next three years and what new accomplishments I will have. Your anniversary might be different than mine- it could be walking away from a bad relationship, having a child, changing jobs or even changing a perspective. I encourage each of you to take a moment and pat yourself on the back. Put down the to-do list and give yourself credit for what you have already done. There’s always going to be more to do … but celebrating your victories and accomplishments will give you the motivation to keep plugging along!

One thought on “Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations! It takes courage, determination and so much more to break away from the known, to step into the unknown. Here’s to another 3+ years of continued success … Cheers!!!

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