Top 5 Reasons to Try a Private Training Session!

Whether you regularly workout out and are a dedicated fitness buff or if it’s been a while since you’ve stepped inside a gym or fitness facility – YOU could benefit from a personal training session. Here are 12South Pilates & Personal Training’s top 5 reasons to try private training:

1. Form – Personal Trainers and Pilates Instructors are skilled at watching your form and making small adjustments. These little tweaks could make a huge difference in how you feel the work and the results you get. Often times it’s not easy to see yourself performing a movement as well as someone else can. A private session will show you specific areas you should focus on to take you workout to the next level.

2. Variety – If you have been doing the same workouts for a while, it may be time to try a private session! Keeping your body challenged is one way to keep seeing results. An instructor can show you variations or modifications that will make an exercise different or more challenging if you have hit a rut.  You’ll walk away with new tricks in your workout bag!

3. Motivation – If you haven’t worked out in a while or if you are growing weary of working out – a private session will provide motivation and encouragement.  You’ve taken the first step by booking a session and a trainer will push you, encourage you and pat you on the back.  Sometimes that’s the reinforcement we need.  You may be beating yourself up for not losing those ten pounds or not meeting another fitness goal but your trainer can share with you a different perspective and some new tools to help you reach that goal.

4. Plan – Your budget may not permit regular private sessions but you could still benefit from one or two!  I’ve had clients ask me for a ‘Plan’ that they can continue on their own. I’ll show them a series of exercises that target all the key areas and we’ll walk through how to properly perform each exercise.  It’s a hands on training session that sets them up to workout at home.  And often they come back in a while seeking some more ideas to add to their workouts. Most trainers just want to help you meet your goals – even if that’s an occasional session and working on your own the majority of the time.

5. Challenge – If you find yourself needing more of a challenge – a trainer can really push you to work harder.  A trainer can tell how far to push you so you exceed your expectations but remain safe.  Sometimes we all just need that kick in the butt to do more!  You’ll leave your session feeling proud of yourself for taking it up a level and ready to try harder next workout.  Challenge can also be applied if you circumstances have changed – maybe you are overcoming an injury, have been told to limit some activities and aren’t sure what to do anymore.  A trained professional can show you a challenging workout that fits your needs and limitations.

These are just five of the many reasons to try a private session. I often find my new private training and pilates clients come to a session with some question but leave surprised by all they achieved, learned and gained from the session.  A good instructor will do more for you than just showing you how to use equipment.  Treat yourself to a private session instead of buying those new shoes you really don’t need and I guarantee you’ll get more mileage from your session than you would from the shoes!

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