Considering a Fitness Gift?

Asking Santa for basketball gear for the boys and Pilates clothes for me!
Asking Santa for basketball gear for the boys and Pilates clothes for me!

I am reposting this from a few years ago because the question has come up again in the studio!


The question came up in class the other day – is it appropriate to give someone fitness apparel or equipment for Christmas? Is it nice and supportive or an unasked for hint and insult? I believe fitness gifts can be excellent but it’s important to consider the recipient and the reason behind the gift.

For the last few years, my mother has been giving me a new workout outfit from Lululemon for Christmas. I love it! She tends to pick and find things I haven’t seen instore and she knows my size so they are guaranteed to fit! It’s fun for me to have new apparel since I wear it most days. For me, it is motivating and inspiring to have new, fun workout wear.

In talking with my students and discussing the appropriateness of a fitness gift we came up with a few guidelines. If you are consider giving someone a fitbit, workout clothes or running shoes – take a look at our guidelines first!

1. Has the person expressed an interest in the item or similar items? If you have an avid runner who’s been talking about getting a garmin or new shoes or running tights – then you are guaranteed to make them happy with a fitness gift!

2. Does the recipient enjoy working out? If you have an avid workout enthusiast, chances are they will be delighted to receive something new to use for their hobby.

3. Is the recipient sedentary or needing to loose weight? If you are choosing fitness gift in hopes to motivate your friend/family member to make a change, this is probably a bad idea. No one likes to be told, you need to change! Unless this person has expressed an interest in a specific item like running shoes or a fitbit, you may be best to find something else. You don’t want to offend someone special by insinuating they need to workout. People need to come to these decisions on their own to be successful.

4. Is your reason for giving this gift a hope of getting the recipient to join YOU in your workouts? This is a big maybe. Have they expressed any interest in joining you but said they don’t have the right equipment or clothes? Or is this purely your desire to share a hobby with a friend? It may be better to encourage your friend to join you and keep that separate from Christmas.

Fitness gifts can be wonderful for the right person or right reason. If aren’t sure, it might be better to try something else or probe a bit before giving your spouse bike shorts when they haven’t been on a bike in years!

Happy holiday shopping!

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