Getting Ready to SHINE

It’s an exciting time of year! And I’m not just talking about Christmas and all the holiday fun of December. While I do really love the holidays, this December is extra exciting as I am in the process of opening a new Pilates Studio in Lexington, KY!

I have loved all I have learned at 12South Pilates. I love all the wonderful students I’ve had the chance to work with and who have become so special to me. But the time has come to grow, expand and shine a bit brighter and for me that means taking all I’ve gained with 12South Pilates and opening a new studio .. Shine Pilates.

I’m so excited for this next chapter and the opportunity to bring my style of teaching and compassion to a new city. I really believe in the magic of Pilates and love that I get to share that with others. When it came time to name my new studio, I knew the name 12South Pilates would not travel well!  I wanted a name that would encompass all that Pilates is … and for me that’s not just the physical. Pilates is certainly core-work, strength,  conditioning, balance, flexibility but it is also emotional well-being, mind-body connection, stress-relief, self-esteem boosting, and mood elevating. I believe Pilates helps all who participate shine a bit brighter in their lives. It’s the added sparkle and brilliance if you will. And who couldn’t use a bit more of that!

You may notice over the coming days and weeks all things 12South Pilates will be converting to Shine Pilates as part of this transition. I hope you will enjoy following along on this journey with me as a new Pilates studio is born in what I am told is “God’s country!” 😉

If you have friends or family in the Lexington area that you’d like to see get involved with Pilates – pass along this blog and email me  with their email addresses so I can add them to my newsletter for the new studio. Referrals are the best gift you can give me this season!


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