Milestones, Memories and Moving Forward

The other day I had the honor of being interviewed by Jenna Zaffino for her podcast Pilates Unfiltered – If you love Pilates, you need to check out this free podcast that talks about all things Pilates and gives you an opportunity to hear from some of the leaders and legends in the Pilates community. For me to be added to the roster of Pilates interviews was such a thrill! This was certainly a milestone in my Pilates career! What a great high and way to finish out 2017!  I’ll be sure to share with you my interview when it is published in 2018.

Looking back on this year, one of the goals I had for myself was to create and post Pilates videos online. Some months I’ve done better than others but I’ve stuck with this goal and feel proud of the content I’ve been able to share. I’ve learned quite a bit about filming videos and I’m sure if you’ve followed along you’ve seen the videos improve! I can’t wait to be in my new studio where the light will be better for videos! I have even bigger videos goals for 2018!

I’ve continued to use this blog to share my thoughts and learnings about Pilates and all things health and wellness. It’s hard to believe I began this blog in 2011!! Wow. What a great forum this has been for me to share, feel, grow, and connect. Looking ahead, I’m excited to launch my new website. The blog will continue and I’m excited to reach even more people.

As I look back on this past year, I am grateful for where I have been and beyond excited for where I am going. Wishing all of you the best this holiday season!




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