My Pilates Anytime Video Submission!

At the end of May, with the help of my friend and Pilates student Catharine, I created and submitted my entry for the Pilates Anytime Next Instructor Competition!  What is that?  And am I leaving you?

For starters – no I’m not going anywhere! 😉 Pilates Anytime is an online resource I use to stay up to date on all that is going on with Pilates. I take classes, learn about the Pilates Elders, participate in workshops, and basically keep learning so I can bring you my best!

Each year, Pilate Anytime has a competition to find the next guest instructor to teach a class on their website. In order to enter you must have been teaching Pilates for five or more years, be a fully certified instructor, and submit a 4-10 minute video teaching five exercises pre-selected by the judges. This year all five were chair exercises and more advanced exercises. The judges want to see that you know the exercises, can explain them, consider safety, are articulate, and a good presenter.

I am happy to report my video was approved and I am in the competition! On July 5th, the field will be narrowed to ten finalist. Fingers crossed but regardless of how the competition goes – I’ve already won! How so?? It takes practice and preparation to create a video. It pushes me to dig deep, analyze how I teach, what cues I use and how best to explain an exercise. It encourages me to find ways to make it fun! Regardless of the outcome,  I walk away from this experience a better instructor for you and in my book – that’s a win.

Here is the video for you to see! … and check below because I’ve included a blooper, too 🙂


And of course – we had some bloopers!

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