I’m a Ninja Warrior Now!

IMG_2542This weekend my husband and our two boys participated in a Ninja Warrior Training Event at Let it Shine Gymnastic Gym. Travis Rosen, a very successful competitor for the television show American Ninja Warrior, greeted us and shared some of his experiences as well. The course had five stations with multiple obstacles at each stations for us to attempt and hopefully conquer. Each station had several coaches giving pointers and explaining the obstacles. Travis wandered around also demonstrating and offering pointers and was truly a nice guy!

We had a blast! Some events were easier than expected. Hello Silk Slider! I was the first female to complete this obstacle.

Ninja Warrior Silk Slider

Some were trickier than they looked. Rope Swing to the Cargo net – I’m talking about you! My husband accomplished most obstacles but the Salmon Ladder. (I wish I had gotten his first attempt on video! #priceless)

Ninja Warrior Rope Swing to Cargo Net

I was also the first female to successfully complete the Jacobs Ladder. It was not easy and used all the Pilates arm muscles I have! I made it just shy of completing the 14 Foot Warped Wall … and I think with some practice I could get it.

I tell you this not to pat myself on the back but because I would have never guessed I could make it up 13 feet or across the Jacob’s Ladder.  It was fun to be challenged, to push my limits and get out of my comfort zone. It was empowering to have success where I had thought I might not. And it was motivating to have some obstacles that still needed more work.

One skill I could not master the first three times I tried was a thin beam set up like a teeter totter. After balancing and walking up one side, the beam would tilt the opposite direction. The key to success?  Using your core! My Pilates training came in handy and allowed me to find success on this tricky obstacles. It was a great feeling to turn a failure into a success with practice!

Very few adults participated in the events. It was for families but most parents chose not to try. I think that is unfortunate. The idea was to have fun, challenge yourself and surprise yourself with what you were capable of! There were no ribbons, no medals or awards at all. The prize – a great night and some good endorphins.

Would I do it again – yes!  Am I terribly sore today … surprisingly no! Even though I tried obstacles and movements I have never done before and pushed myself, I believe my Pilates training prepares my body for just about anything that comes my way 🙂

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