Redecorating and Repurposing

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 7.51.33 AMI’m in the process of redecorating our home. Initially I thought I’d need to get all new and start over. Paint, curtains, furniture, etc. would all need to change.  With the help of a skilled interior decorator, however, I’ve learned I can repurpose much of what I have. I can move things from one room to another, paint, and add in only a few new items to accomplish what I want. What could have been a very expensive project is now much more affordable and manageable with the same outcome!

I believe sometimes we take the same approach with our bodies. We decide our thighs are no good, our stomach is not right and have you seen our puny arms?  It is easy to think plastic surgery or a miracle drug could be the only answer.

Maybe we need to work with what we have. Maybe we need to make an assessment of our current state and re-dress some aspects and repurpose others! Before we declare the situation hopeless – let’s take stock of what we have. Let’s start by figuring out what we like. Maybe we have a nice bum or strong legs. Everyone can find at least one thing they like about themselves! Let’s start there!

Dress to enhance your best asset. Work to improve the rest with achievable and realistic goals. Throw away the impossible to achieve magazine images … we all know those are photo-shopped anyway! (And let’s be honest even design magazines for your home are pretty unattainable, too!)

Yes there may be room for improvement – but honestly – are you really doing what you can, eating right and living an active life? If you are not – then shake it up!

Joseph Pilates said ‘In 10 Pilates session you’ll feel different, in twenty you’ll see the different and in thirty sessions you’ll have a whole new body.’  I can say from my own personal experience and the experience of my dedicated students – this is true! The key however is to put in the work. If you are wanting to see a change, you’ll need to come regularly and do the movements. Coming once a week and missing every other week unfortunately will not get you to the redecorated body you want.

Instead of throwing out what you have or giving up let’s repurpose our way to a better you! Let’s commit and do the work!

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