Be Kind to your Spine

IMG_1982In lieu of buying a new dining room set, I decided to refinish the table and chairs I have. Sounds simple enough right? I’ve refinished furniture before but I think I conveniently forgot how much time and effort go into it and all in a awkward back unfriendly position. I’m two chairs in and determined to finish … but will need to do some pilates stat to calm my unhappy spine.

I got so caught up in getting the two chairs stripped today that I did not notice the strain on my back – until I tried to straighten up- ouch! It’s easy to overdo it and strain your back doing projects like gardening, moving, etc.  Anything that taxes us in a different way/position can be a good workout but also a pain in the back later if you aren’t careful!

I’ll be hitting the reformer tomorrow and also stretching out. And for the next two chairs and table- I will plan regular straighten up breaks! Being aware and stretching during your activity can go a long ways to saving you from issues later.  Now if only I’d heed my own advice!

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