Honor, Validation and Thank You!

IMG_1798 IMG_1794I’m really not one to brag on myself or toot my own horn but I will a little bit … and really this is more of a thank you to all of you!

Three and half years ago, I took a leap. I walked away from the expected and safe and chose a path that I believed would bring me greater happiness and fulfillment. It was also a path with much uncertainty and no promise of success. I spent many years working in branding, advertising and marketing. I had risen the ranks, achieved my financial goals, got my office with a view and a title of V.P. None of these accomplishments were as fulfilling as I thought they would be. I felt my contribution to society was not what it should be. I felt my work-life balance didn’t exist! I had a desire to have a more positive impact in my community.

I think most of you know where I am going with this! In 2011 I decided to turn my hobby of teaching Pilates into my life-calling. It’s a decision I have never regretted and one that has brought me much happiness. I’ve met so many wonderful people through Pilates. I even met my husband networking in the wellness community!

This month I was honored to be featured in an article in Pilates Style magazine. This is a magazine that I love and consider the premier Pilates magazine. Pilates Style did a story about instructors who have followed their dream and made a substantial career change to become Pilates instructors. It’s an honor to be included in this article and recognized among the other great women featured.

I would not be where I am today and able to do what I love if it were not for so many wonderful students and friends along the way. Today, I send each of you who has played role big or small in my Pilates life a heartfelt thank you!! I am inspired, motivated and thankful each day for what you bring to my life!

… and now it’s time to work that core!

2 thoughts on “Honor, Validation and Thank You!

  1. Oh wow Lucie that is so awesome! I truly believe in setting goals and taking a leap of faith. I want to be a Pilates instructor one day, and I am currently making small steps to make that happen. You are an awesome instructor and I miss taking your classes.

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