Learning and Teaching

hero-02I recently had the opportunity to visit my hometown, and take a Pilates class with one of my mentors from my Pilates training days.  She had just opened her own studio that week! I was excited to see her and also support her new business.

While I was training to become an instructor, she influenced my teaching style, motivated me, and helped me to become the instructor I am today. I enjoyed the challenges of her classes and drank in all of her advice during that training period. Since becoming certified half a decade ago, I have occasionally had the opportunity to take classes with her. It has felt like coming home and I’ve enjoyed the nostalgia that experience has brought me.

This visit, however, was going to be a bit different. I have had a studio for over 2 years now. I was visiting her new studio and seeing her begin her journey as a studio owner. Our roles were reversed and now I had the opportunity to impart my learnings and wisdom on her. It felt great to give advice to someone I admire and have learned from and to be able to guide her success as well!

This got me thinking – often in life we are both the mentor and the mentee!We need to be open to both roles. We need to be receptive to what we can learn from others but also generous with what we have to offer. As an instructor – I still have the opportunity to learn from my students. When someone presents with a unique situation, injury or issue – I am given the opportunity to grow and learn. As students, we are in the position to learn of course, but we can also share our knowledge and experience.

My challenge to you is to look for opportunities to be both the mentor and the mentee. Share your wisdom but open yourself up to learn as well! You may be surprised by the opportunities that present themselves when you are open to being both taught and teaching.



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