Stay the Course

It’s hard to believe it’s already April and for many Spring Break is over. Easter is right around the corner, with that comes the race to the finish line which is the end of the school year and the start of Summer. Whether you have kids or not, this is a busy time of year. Everyone comes out of their winter hibernation and there are events and activities galore! Enjoy it but please don’t give up your fitness and wellness routine.

Since this is how I make my living, you may assume I want you to keep coming to class so I can keep the lights on! That, however, is not my main reason for asking you to stay the course. I’ve seen it year after year … what begins with a missed class here and there, then becomes a series of missed classes and finally no classes. Time goes by and eventually students return, usually because their back is acting up again, their knee is in pain again, the weight has crept back on, they don’t feel good in their clothes, or they just don’t have the energy they had while doing Pilates. Let’s face it – Pilates makes you feel good! Not doing Pilates doesn’t. It’s not fun getting back in shape. It’s not fun feeling aches and pains again. We also tend to beat ourselves up for sliding backwards. Physically, emotionally, and often socially because we have fun and friends in Pilates … we suffer when we fall off the wagon.

Schedule your workouts. Let your friends and families know this is a priority. Invite them to join you! I have found when I explain to friends in a non-apologetic way (because why should you apologize for taking care of yourself?) that I’d love to meet up but  need to make it a bit later after I get in my Pilates session it is not a problem. There are also days, I have to get up a bit earlier if I want to get in a run. If I make it a priority it happens. If I wait for the calendar to magically open up it doesn’t.

This Spring do yourself a favor and stay the course. Months from now – you’ll thank me!




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