New Website and FAQ’s

While many of you were on Spring break skiing or hitting the beach, I was working on a new website! I’ve been wanting to update our 12South Pilates website for a little while. I knew it would take several hours of time and some trial and error. I’m not a web designer and planned to do the update myself … which made me a little nervous.

The difficult part of making the switch is once you pull the trigger and convert to the new template, the old site no longer exists. There are many facets I could change before making the switch but also several I had to be prepared to confront after publishing the new site. I wanted to better showcase our studio as well as the photos I had taken not so long ago. I also wanted to make the navigation simpler and the overall appearance cleaner. I am happy with the update and hope you will be, too! I’m also still tinkering around with a few things. Take a look around and leave a comment if you like!

This brings me to the next part of this blog – Frequently Asked Questions from you my students. Since I am often asked the same questions, I decided to address them here!

  1. Do you do Pilates every day of the week? Not exactly … but I do do some form of movement. Some days I run or hike. Other days I dedicate to a good Pilates workout for me. Some days, I find myself demonstrating a bunch, or playing on the equipment for 15 minutes here and there, or filming a video. Generally on Sundays – I rest from Pilates. 🙂
  2. How many days a week should I do Pilates? There is not one answer for everyone. It depends on what else you are doing, what your goals are, and also your budget. I think two or three Pilates workouts a week is ideal for most but if you are training for a marathon that may be ambitious. If Pilates is the only movement you do, you may choose to come more often.
  3. Have you considered getting one of those online scheduling apps?  I had considered this in the beginning and then again with the move to the newer studio. The reality is it does not work for how we function as a studio. With an online scheduler, I would be forced to designate hours as either group classes or privates. I much prefer to be flexible to help you fit Pilates in not forcing you to follow the designated schedule. Most studios that use apps teach primarily group classes. I have a good following of privates and duets and don’t want to lose those students. An app is also another added monthly expense … choosing to do without keeps your rates down 🙂
  4. How many Pilates classes does the Kitten attend? He’s in the studio usually six days as week but does not often come in the morning. After breakfast he’s too wound up for Pilates. He also does not come if babies or small children are going to be in class or someone has expressed an allergy. If you would prefer he not be in your class – just say so. He may be offended but I won’t 😉  I really never intended for him to be in class at all but he has many fans who began requesting his presence! He knows when I am headed to the studio and eagerly sits by the door and excited to come to Pilates!

That’s a wrap for our FAQ’s and website launch! I hope you’ll enjoy the changes!!

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