Eating Gluten-Free in 12South

Bar Taco Cauliflower Taco on a Corn Shell – or ask for a lettuce wrap! *image courtesy of Bar Taco 

I know my body does not do well with gluten. For the most part I avoid it but sometimes there is something so tempting I give in. A recent unexpected injury lead to a CT scan and further more illuminated what I know- gluten is not good for me. I have tried for years to think a little bit here and there is not going to hurt me. The scan said otherwise. My overall health is much more important than any delightful popover or delicious cookie can ever be!

I often hear from students that they find it difficult to eat out and eat gluten-free. They manage to eat well and gluten-free at home but going out is another story. Never fear, I’ve made a list of some of my favorite gluten – free options at the various restaurants here in the 12South neighborhood.

  1. Edley’s BBQ – What’s not to love here! I order the turkey and add a side of cole slaw (it’s vinegar based not mayo-based) or the greens grown here locally by Edley’s. Their Southern Salad with pulled pork or chicken or turkey (take off the croutons) is another favorite of mine.
  2. Urban Grub – The peel and eat shrimp is one of my favorites even though it’s a bit messy to eat. Add a side of grilled asparagus and you are set.
  3. Burger Up – Any burger minus the bun with a side of steamed spinach makes a great meal. Or add your burger on top of a salad (just watch out for croutons).
  4. Sloco – All of their sandwiches can be made into a salad! They also have a gluten-free bread option.
  5. Josephines – Their menu is seasonal and can vary but I’ve had scallops in the past with brussel sprouts or cauliflower as a side. If you like fish – there is usually a fish entree as well.
  6. Taproom – They make a great burger or grilled chicken sandwich- minus the bun that pairs well with a side of broccoli. The tacos are also quite good and on corn shells. They even have several gluten -free beers.
  7. Bar Taco – I just love that you can order your tacos with lettuce wraps now instead of tortillas. They have several delicious taco options – cauliflower, chorizo, and chicken to name a few. The chop salad is also really good.
  8. Frothy Monkey– You can’t go wrong with an omelet! Fill it with veggies and a side of avocado and you’ve got a tasty gluten-free meal.

So there you have it – eight local restaurants with plenty of gluten-free options that are all also relatively healthy, too. Next time you are invited to eat out, no need to decline because you don’t think you’ll be able to order gluten-free. Restaurants are used to requests to hold items or make alterations to a platter. Dine out and enjoy your meal … even your gluten-free meal can be delicious!

*note – If you are severely allergic to trace amounts of gluten, I can not attest to whether these items are prepared in an environment completely free of gluten. It is best to call ahead and ask. 

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