img_1011This afternoon I went for a hike on the trails at Percy Warner Park. It was warm – in the mid 60’s which is pretty remarkable and welcome for February. The sun was shining and I had enough free time to be able to enjoy the outdoors. Lately, when I’ve been hiking, I’ve been leaving the headphones behind. I’ve discovered I don’t need the entertainment and I am more open to seeing what is around me without the distraction. I’ve also discovered I do some of my best thinking and reflecting in the woods listening to the sounds of other hikers, leaves blowing in the wind, and squirrels rustling by.

This afternoon I was struck by just how far I have come in the past year. It was this weekend last year that my world seemed to be falling apart. I had come to the conclusion I needed to do something I believed I would never do – file for divorce. A few days later, I did so. When you are in the midst of these lows, you can’t know just how ok things will be eventually. You can’t imagine that life will go on and you will be content again. You can’t see that you will be better, stronger and even happier in time. I wish I could have told myself a year ago – it’s all going to be ok but that is not how life works.

Reflecting during my hike, I realized just how ‘ok’ it is. This weekend I was surrounded by friends. I reflected on how lucky I am with the relationships I have and the support I have from people I admire, respect and love. I hosted a party at my house on Saturday and I thought about how much I like my house and feel good about where I live and the home I’ve built. I am a part of my community and that feels good, too.

I ran into a friend and former co-worker on the trails. It was nice to see a friendly face and reconnect. It’s been almost six years since we worked together and I’ve worked in a corporate setting. I left my job with her to pursue my dream of teaching Pilates full-time and having my own business. With hard work, I made that dream come true. But a year ago I was having to rebuild my business again. I had pushed my dreams aside, scaled back, and cut my work in half to prioritize someone else’s desires. A year ago I was working hard to get my business back to where I needed it to be and I worried I might not get there. My efforts and drive paid off and I even surpassing some of my goals this year.

Today hiking on the trail, I thought about how far I have come. I am happy. I am healthy. I have wonderful relationships. I’ve built a business I am proud of and that supports me. What a difference a year makes!


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