Goal Interrupted

Broken Ribs Don’t Stop me from Teaching and Learning!

I started the new year off with a bang. I had a bunch of exciting goals, and I was going after them. I had signed up to run a half marathon, something I had not done in about 6 years. My training was going well. I was increasing my miles, braving the cold, and really feeling good about getting out there and doing it this winter! I appointed my friend John my accountability partner. He’s training for an Ironman. After each long run I would text him and tell him how far I ran and how it went. He knew if a week went by and he did not hear from me he needed to call me out. No calls from him because I was making it happen!  I liked the strength I was feeling in my body and changes I was seeing as well.

I also had a goal to post more Pilates photos and videos as tutorials and motivation. I invested in a tripod for my iPhone and a better lens. I was starting to learn the ins and outs of taking a better picture. I was planning my future videos.

I subscribe to a Pilates service called Pilates Anytime and I had a goal of participating in a minimum of number of videos a week and per month. I was crushing this goal. The beauty of this one is my students benefit here, too!  I bring new ideas I’ve learned to class. I get inspired. I learn. I am motivated.

Then 3.5  weeks into the new year I became ‘goal interrupted.’  While on vacation in Aruba, I had an unfortunate collision with a standup paddle board and broke 3 ribs. Running was out for about 3 weeks. With my half marathon in just five weeks, I was in trouble. I was still building mileage. Taking three weeks off is never ideal but taking three weeks off with an injury even less ideal. It’s at times like these we have to decide – do it anyway – push myself, walk if I have to, and still complete my 1/2 marathon?  Or is this a sign that I need to give my body time to heal and pick another race down the road? I chose the later. I’ve done races before and the goal was to do it well. Sure, I could probably gut it out but no part of me would enjoy that and I’d run the risk of hurting myself more by being under-trained. This goal was simply being pushed out a bit – not abandoned!

Initially, I thought my videos, photos, and posts were on hold, too. After spending some time in the studio and I realized there is a lot I can do. I also realized sharing this information with others was the answers. Maybe my findings on what feels good and helps with a rib injury will inspire or help another student or instructor. Wasn’t that the point of this project anyway? This goal gained new direction and purpose!

Finally the goal of watching and participating along with online Pilates classes – what to do? I knew there were movements my body was not ready for and movements I should wait to attempt. I could either hit pause and come back in a few weeks or I could audit these classes so to speak. Wouldn’t I benefit from doing what I can and from observing what I can’t? Of course! No need to hit pause, instead I needed to take a smarter approach for the time being. I could still accomplish my goal – I could still be motivated and gain insight for my students. Goal on track!

This experience, while not how I’d like to start my year, was a good reminder that there will often be road blocks and unexpected hurdles. It’s how we approach them that makes all the difference. I could very easily have given up and declared my goals unachievable now. This would have made me sad and discouraged I am sure. Instead, I looked for solutions. I heeded my doctor’s instructions, and thought about what I could do not what I couldn’t do. At the end of the day, you are either a victim or a fighter. I choose to be a fighter!




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