Happiness Journal

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-7-07-01-pmSeveral years ago, I read an article about how to increase your happiness. All the suggestions were simple ideas and not costly or time-consuming. One that really resonated with me was a Happiness Journal. The idea was quite simple. At the end of each day write down three positive things from the day – three happy moments. For a little over a year, I did just that. I found that I slept better because I went to sleep thinking about the good not the bad. I found that I had a better outlook because I was looking for the positive not the negative. And I found I was happier and enjoyed the project.

Recently I was cleaning out a drawer and found my journal. It was fun to go back and read some of my entries. It made me smile again to see what I had celebrated. At the time I was keeping this journal I was just starting my Pilates studio. Many of my happy thoughts centered around new students, new learning, new successes. It was a nice reminder of how far I have come 🙂

I am not sure why I stopped the journal. It was not a conscious decision – probably life getting busy. But seeing the happiness made me want to start it back up!

So tonight as I get ready for bed, I’ll be thinking of my three happy thoughts and make a note of them. I invite you to join me and see what a happiness journal does for your outlook and overall happiness!

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