Sometimes Life is Just Not Fair!

Get Moving!

When I started this blog back in 2011, my goal was to create a positive place, to educate, share, encourage, support and ponder. I wanted to promote health and wellness and also share about Pilates. My goals were never to use this as a “selling” tool but really more of a creative outlet and a way to build community and share the benefits of Pilates and a healthy life. It’s hard to believe that was five years ago and several hundred blogs ago! Time flies!

As much as I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts, findings, and fitness knowledge with all of you, I have also enjoyed getting your feedback and learning from you, too! I love it when what you share pays you back in ways unexpected!

This week for the past few days I’ve struggled as I have sat down to write this blog. What’s been on my mind has not been light or happy. I’ve searched for something positive to share or write about and keep coming back to what is really on my mind … Sometimes Life is Just NOT Fair!!  As this thought kept rearing it’s head, I’ve tried to suppress it, and tried to replace it with something happy. That hasn’t worked.

I think it is safe to say at some point in all of our childhoods we lamented to our parents or a teacher, “But that’s not fair!”  and we were told, “Life is not fair.”  Innately we know this and know that sometimes undeserving, dishonest people succeed, gain praise, and seem to skate through life. It doesn’t make sense and at times that can be really hard to accept.

I also know it is not my responsibility to try to right the wrongs. Oh how satisfying it would be to scream from the top of a hill and set the record straight. But that satisfaction would only last a moment. So … when you can’t suppress those feelings – you embrace them!

How do we embrace those feelings of anger or hurt or ‘unfairness’ that life sometimes throws our way?  I think we move. I think we go for a pissed off run and tear up the hills. I think we go dance it out in dance class. I think we hike, bike, walk, crunch, bend, stretch and just move until the bad feelings leave and the good endorphins take their place.

Oh but it would be so much easier to sit and stew wouldn’t it? Get up anyway. Move. Raise your heart rate. Conquer. Be strong. Prove you can. Show you are capable. Show you will not be held down. Force yourself if you have to – it will be worth it.

It’s hard to stay angry, hurt, or sad when you are winning, succeeding and gaining strength 🙂




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