Big Week and Big Month at 12South Pilates!

It’s been a big month at 12South Pilates. For starters, we moved into our new space!  Finally!!  I believe it was worth the wait and I am so happy with our new Pilates home. Your feedback has been great as well. My goal all along was to create a peaceful, welcoming, warm space to encourage and support you in your goals and pursuits of health and wellness. Ambiance was key for me. I believe we succeed!  See for yourself … book a session and tell me what your think!

IMG_2697 IMG_2698-2

Last week I also updated and replaced all the straps and handles in the studio! Our new straps are padded and an upgrade for sure. I even had one student say, “Oh I feel like I am being pampered now while I workout!” If you haven’t tried out the new straps yet, you are in for a real treat!

Last week with all the new in the studio, it seemed like the right time to update our photos on this blog, Facebook, twitter and more.  I hired a professional photographer to come capture all of the new and excitement at 12South Pilates. Two of my students, Hayley and Lori, were kind enough to join me for the shoot. Thanks girls – you did great!! And we were fortunate to have the talented John Schweikert as our photographer.  I can’t wait to have the new photos to share with you!! Stay tuned. (*photos above just quick snaps on my iPhone – not the work of our talented photographer.)

And to top it all off – this week I will head to my annual Pilates conference. This year the conference is in Denver, and I am excited to reconnect with my Pilates peers, learn lots that I can share with you, and challenge myself. It’s an exciting time at 12South Pilates for sure!!

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