Should an Injury Keep You Down?

A broken arm a few years ago didn't stop me from moving!
A broken arm a few years ago required some modifications but didn’t stop me from moving!

Most of us at some point or another have an injury, ache or pain.  Some times it’s serious enough to require going to see a doctor.  Other times it’s just a flair up of our pesky knee or trick elbow. Maybe it’s a shoulder that doesn’t want to move as fluidly today. The question always becomes – should you rest or push through with your workout?

First and foremost, heed the advice of your doctor if you have seen one for this issue. Always share as much with me or your Pilates instructor so I/she can modify and adapt the workout to your needs.

If you have not been to see a doctor, tell me or your instructor what you are experiencing. Be very honest and leave the macho attitude at home! Thinking to yourself, “I can push through the pain” could end up sending you to see a doctor in the future! Accept the modifications offered. Some of it may seem like overkill but the goal is to give you a good workout and not aggravate an aching muscle or joint. It’s my job to craft a safe and effective workout for you.

As you are participating in class, speak up if something doesn’t feel right or causes more pain. It is better to stop and find a modification versus continuing to force a movement that your body is resisting. The beauty of Pilates is we can modify just about everything. We can make it safe and we can rehabilitate injuries. Pilates lets you keep on working out while recovering.  I have students that turn to Pilates to build strength in their knees, to gain range of motion in their shoulders or to stabilize a weak back. Pilates can do all of that if done properly.

A body at rest become stiff and unlimber. With your doctors ‘ok’ it is beneficial to move, to awaken the body, to engage and stretch your fascia and to get blood flowing through your muscles. Even a scaled back, minimal movement class beats no movement.  If you are still not sure – email or call and we can discuss your specific situation.

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