Giving Thanks!

Something to be thankful for...
Something to be thankful for…

I am a planner and I like things to follow a certain order. I do well with lists, order, and tidiness in my home, my work, and my life. Life, however, is usually not so orderly or tidy! As much as we make the best plans, plans often need to be changed, adapted or even thrown out the window.

I found myself with an unexpected open hour today. It got me thinking about how sometimes the unexpected, unplanned or unwanted can be a blessing. I am writing this blog now, instead of later, because I have that hour to spare! I was also thinking about all the others things I can be thankful for that didn’t turn out as I may have originally wanted! I thought I’d share some of them with you today in honor of Thanksgiving:

1. I am thankful my stint in corporate marketing did not go as I had wanted. Had I enjoyed the switch from agency to corporate, I would never have opened my Pilates studio and found what I really love doing.

2. I am thankful that the big flood of 2010 lead me to an honest, smart, and talented contractor who I have used time and time again.

3. I am thankful that all things Pilates have not come necessarily easy for me; that I’ve had to work to succeed. This struggle and growth has made me empathetic to my clients and more capable of understanding how our bodies truly work and recover.

4. I am thankful that past relationships didn’t work out as I may have hoped, as I would have missed the wonderful one I was intended to be with.

5. I am thankful my job challenges me by introducing me to people from all walks with all kinds of different needs. I could limit my teaching to one size fits all classes, but the education and growth I experience from my varied clientele excites and inspires me!

6. I am thankful that living on a tight budget while I built my business showed me how unnecessary and unfulfilling material pursuits can be.

7. I am thankful for the hectic, busy days because it means I’m doing something right. Students want what I have to offer and my family needs me, too.

There is so much to be thankful for and sometimes its because we didn’t get what we thought we wanted! This Thanksgiving what are you thankful for?  What plans have changed for the better for you?

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