Here Comes the Cold!

Picture 12
12South Winter Warmup December 2012

Last week took a turn for the colder and suddenly it feels like winter – brrr! I don’t know about you but the longer I live in the South the thinner my skin gets for the cold.  And it’s not lost on me that today’s 50 and cloudy will be a welcome surprise in January!

When the sun is out I want to be outside, but when it’s gray it’s a much harder sell!  It’s hard to get motivated and harder to get out the door! But what do we do to get over the hurdle when the weather does drop and days get shorter?

One of the best tactics I have to keep myself motivated is to schedule my workout just like I would a meeting or other commitment. If I put it on the calendar and tell myself – Monday at 8am I am running – it gets done!  When I don’t, I am likely to wait for it to warm up a bit and then I run out of time. Scheduling my workouts holds me accountable. I can also easily see how much or how little I have done for the week by looking at my calendar.

A second tactic I have is to find inside alternatives. If the weather is just miserable, I could do Pilates, run on the treadmill, spin and so on. Having options that allow me to get a good workout and not face freezing rain makes working out possible some days!

Find an ally or workout buddy is another good way to get through the winter and stay in shape. Commit to workout together – a little company can distract you from the cooler temps and keep you going.

Signing up for an event such as the 12South Winter Warmup  this December gives you a reason to keep at it!  You can’t skip too many workouts if you hope to compete or finish a race in month or two!

And my final suggestion for keeping going when the weather is cheering against you is make sure you have the right clothes.  It may be worth investing in a pair of warmer running tights or wicking long sleeve top. If you are on a budget, Target actually has some pretty good options these days. Or treat yourself to some fancy Lululemon gear and you’ll want to wear it again and again!

Don’t give up or give in to the temptation to stay on the couch this winter. You’ll be much happier and healthier in the Spring if you stick with it!

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