Best Year Ever

I just have a feeling this is going to be my best year ever!  Why shouldn’t it be?  It’s off to a good start! I had a fun birthday on the Jan. 5th, a few good runs so far, some great pilates classes, my pilates business is going well and my marketing business is also rocking along. (yes I am foolish or wise enough to have two business that I run!!)

I’ve realized too that as long as I expect the best – I’m likely to find it.  But if I look for the worst- I will find that too.  It’s about perspective and being open to the option of good things.

Several years ago a friend and I seemed to be hitting bad luck after bad luck and we’d talk about how bad the year was.  Our phone conversations were almost a one- up each other with bad stuff competition!  There were issues with managers, friends, car trouble – typical life stuff!  By ‘celebrating’, if you will the bad – we were expecting it at every corner and quick to notice the next thing.  i.e. Of course the line at Starbucks is ridiculous today! or Sure it’s raining on my day off!  If we had been celebrating the good – maybe these little nuisances wouldn’t have seemed so big and we would have noticed other things. i.e. Oh- I have a few minutes to check my email and spend a quick response to a friend – crossing that off my list while I wait. or Wow it’s 70 degrees out today and a little rain sure beats 25 degrees – typical January weather!

What kind of year are you going to have?  Are you going to look for the bad?  Or – will you give the good a chance to shine through?  Nobody gets it perfect all the time but most of us have it pretty good overall.  Maybe you are not where you want to be.  BUT  – We have the power to change our attitudes and work towards what we want. Sometimes it takes a while to get there.  Celebrate the steps you make rather than lamenting the steps you still need to go.  Reward yourself with good for you treats – I like doing a good pilates workout or getting a pedicure.  There’s no guilt with these kind of rewards 🙂

Let’s make 2013 our year!

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