Load up your Plate with Veggies!

My dinner - yummy, filling and good for me too!
My dinner – yummy, filling and good for me too!

Diet is a big question and something many of us struggle with!  Even with the best of intentions – questionable choices are made.  Being in the wellness industry – diet comes up often.  Today, I thought I’d share with you my top three tips on eating healthy!

1. Starving yourself is not the way to lose weight.  I’ll admit it – in the past I’ve done the the “I ate too much yesterday, today I’m going to eat a banana and a small salad to undue the damage done”.  The problem is seriously limiting your calories may gain you a quick drop on the scale but it also messes with your metabolism.  Your body panics – so to speak – when you don’t provide it with enough nutrition.  It begins to hold onto what you do have and slows down your metabolism – meaning you will actually burn less calories than normal.  To put it simply – your body rations what it does have – just like you might stretch out the last little bit of laundry detergent over a couple loads if you needed too.  Don’t believe me – read this article!

2.  Eat as many vegetables as you want!  The image is a picture of my dinner the other night.  Props to my boyfriend for cooking!  That may look like a big plate of food but when you look at the calorie count – I plugged this into my fitness pal and it came in around 400 calories.  I was full after eating all of that goodness.  That is the thing with vegetables  – you can eat a lot- they are low in calorie, high in vitamins, and high in fiber – making them filling.  Our vegetables were prepared with a little heart healthy olive oil. If you prepare your veggies in a healthy way (ie. no frying!) – they retain their nutrients and remain a lower calorie option.  I also keep cut up veggies on hand for snacking.  That way it is just as easy to grab a handful of mini tomatoes, radishes or carrot sticks as it is a something less healthy.

3. Eat your favorite foods!  I don’t believe in depriving myself.  I’ve tried to eat ‘perfectly’ in the past – and you know what happens – you do well for a while and then fall of the wagon – hard!  Plus it’s not a lot of fun to feel like you are always missing out.  Now I make choices and prioritize.  I had a Starbucks cake pop yesterday (super yum! and only 120 calories) but the rest of my eating was healthy.  And I made sure I worked out.  If you love macaroni and cheese – on occasion – have some but pair it with something healthy and don’t use this as an excuse to go crazy!  One bad meal doesn’t need to lead to a downward spiral.

Eating healthy can still be enjoyable.  Food should taste good and you should not feel hungry all the time.  Try different things until you find what you like.  Any plan that is too rigid is a plan that will most likely fail.  And one more tip – going to a holiday party and need to bring an appetizer?? Use red and green vegetables (red and green peppers, broccoli, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, etc.) to create a veggie wreath with hummus for dipping.  Healthy and Festive!

Happy Healthy Holiday Eating!

2 thoughts on “Load up your Plate with Veggies!

  1. Your approach to healthy eating is refreshing. Too many people believe starving themselves is a way to lose weight, but all too often it results in actual weight gain. I appreciate the work you are doing to spread the word.

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