Why I Publish Pilates Videos

When I first began my Pilates studio, I was pretty diligent about filming videos. As I acquired more equipment it became a little more challenging to find room to film… not impossible … just more difficult. Then life got busier with more classes, more responsibilities, and the videos went to the wayside.

This year as a New Year’s resolution I vowed to get back to filming videos! We have a beautiful studio setting so why wasn’t I showcasing it??  After a few initial videos, I realized I needed to invest in a better lens for my phone. Done. I also realized the lighting in the studio was an issue, too … while great for Pilates, our lighting is not bright enough for videos. So now I’ve acquired better lighting! Problems solved. On to filming!

Let’s get to the reason why I made this resolution! There are several:

For starters, filming videos is for you! I want to be able to provide content and information that you can use when you are not in the studio. I also want to show and explain exercises that you may request when you come to the studio. I want to motivate you beyond your hour in class!

Next on my list of reasons is to get creative. I have to think about what may make a good video and what combination of exercises or modification or cueing it is that I want to share. Each video has a purpose which may be to teach a new move or sequence or maybe to get deeper into the how and why of a move. Filming videos allows me to really consider what I am teaching, how I am teaching, and why I am choosing the movements I choose.

The videos are also a way for me to critique myself! It is direct and honest feedback. At times, I may think my form is better than it is or maybe I’m succeeding where I thought I needed work. The videos bring focus to legs that aren’t quite straight, hands or feet not positioned properly, alignment of the head and neck and more! This is a wonderful honest tool for me to take a look at my own practice. Without another instructor’s eyes on me, I can see how I am doing and what I need to work on.

The videos also allow me to connect with my worldwide Pilates community. I benefit from videos posted by other instructors and it is my turn to contribute! I have met other instructors on Instagram through video posts. It is a fun way for me to make new connections, share my learnings, and learn from other instructors. If I have a cue that I think is breakthrough – I share it! We should all be learning and growing from each other. I want to be an active member of this wonderful community!

So there you have it – the why behind the videos you’ll be seeing more of in the near future. I hope I can inspire you and improve me and connect though these videos.

Here is a little video to get you excited about Pilates and moving!



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