What I’m Grateful for …

I was in the studio this evening working out. It was after 6pm and a rare night without a class. I was enjoying playing on the equipment and coming up with ideas for your classes! It occurred to me I had not turned the lights on … nor did I need to. I just love these longer days where the sunlight is still coming through the windows in the early evening. I just love not having to light a path back to the house and fumble with keys in the dark. I am grateful for the longer days and more sunshine! It impacts my mood and desire to do more outside.

I had a conversation with a friend last night and she mentioned she’d recently traveled for work to a place she had lived a few years ago. She said driving through her old neighborhood gave her chills, and she is so glad that is not the life she has now. She is grateful for her move back home, and the choices she made to get there.

I started thinking about what else I am grateful for these days. While my life has changed quite a bit in the last couple years, I am grateful to be at a place where I feel free again and in charge of my life. I am grateful to be happy and away from a destructive relationship. I am grateful I had the strength to make the necessary changes to get me here – much like my friend did some years earlier. I’m not where I thought I’d be but I also know where I don’t want to be. I have a better clarity and appreciation for what I have now.

I’m also grateful for my family – be it small and not local – when I needed them, they were there for me. And they continue to be a bigger part of my life now and that is good thing. Sometimes dilemma brings us closer together and it did in my case.

I am grateful for good friends and students who feel more like friends. Some in my industry feel you need to keep a professional buffer and not engage socially with your students. That’s not for me. You choose to spend your time with me each week and I am grateful to know you beyond what your body’s needs.

While I may have the occasional ache or pain or even a few broken ribs from time to time, I am grateful that I am in pretty decent health. I can run, do Pilates, hike, bike, and so much more. I have energy and strength, and I’m not reliant on prescriptions drugs for my health. I may not be as spry as a 20 year old but I think I’m doing pretty good!

There is a lot to be grateful for if you take the time to realize it. How often we consider instead what we wish we had or did or where we wish we were. It’s all a journey … take time to enjoy the moment… you may be surprised how good you have it after all!


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