Year In Review!

I am always interested to see what blog posts spark the most interest from you all! Some times I have an idea of what I think will be the popular topic and some years I don’t. This year my readers blew me away with their interest in a blog I wrote about emotional abuse and my own personal experience in an abusive relationship. I was humbled by the kind comments and responses to that blog. I was also sadden to learn so many I knew had had similar experiences. One thing is for sure – we need to keep talking about emotional abuse and supporting each other.

With out question this year’s top post was:

I was in an Abusive Relationship

And here is a look at the other top posts for 2016 incase you missed them!

Photo Shoot!

Maybe Pilates is Not for You

My Pilates Anytime Video Submission

Why I love Pilates … From the Mouths of Students

Refilling my Tank

Get out of Line 

Postponing Joy

Give a Little Grace

Pilates for Children 

What started off as a rough and rocky year has turned out to be a really good one. I have been reaffirmed by the wonderful relationships I have with my students and readers. I have grown in my own Pilates practice and training. As an instructor, I continue to learn knew ways to assess and assist with your specific needs. This brings me joy knowing the time you spend with me – either in person or online – is improving your life. Here’s to a great 2017!

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