Refilling my Tank!

fullsizerenderI’ve had my head down focusing on growing my Pilates business, rebuilding, and other necessary changes in my personal life the last five or six months. It’s been a busy time and I’ve allowed that busy-ness to keep me focused and on track. Business has been going well, and new students are finding me and enjoying Pilates. Last week I hit a wall, though. I was worn out, tired, and feeling empty. While I love what I do, my tank was empty. Being solely focused on the needs of the business, the needs of the volunteer organizations I am on the board for, and the needs of my students, left no time to focus on my needs.

Fortunately for me, hitting that wall coincided with a long weekend, some planned days off, and a trip to visit friends back home. Spending three days away, relaxing, not being on a schedule, pampering myself, and even taking a Pilates class as a student was just what I needed.

While I think it is good to be dedicated and to keep plugging forward, I also realized sometimes we need to refill our tanks, too. I had a conversation with a good friend this weekend who was experiencing the same thing. I don’t think it is uncommon for us to get wrapped up in what we are doing for our family, our home, friends, or career, and neglect what we need for ourselves. It can feel like we are constantly giving of ourselves and not receiving in return if we aren’t careful.

I am capable of working hard and putting in long hours, but eventually without a break or some investment in me how good can I really be? I spent time thinking about this during the four hour drive back home. I used to be in the mode of taking a quarterly vacation or staycation … I realized on my trip home it was September and I had not really taken a vacation this year. Sure, I’ve traveled for Pilates trainings a couple times which I enjoy but at the end of the day that is work. When taking a trip is not an option…what is?  What can be done more frequently to refill, refuel and take care of me?

I came up with a few things for me and I am sharing them with you because maybe one of these will be that little time indulgence, break or treat you need to feel replenished as well.

  • Manicures and Pedicures – it is something I enjoy during the process and even after looking at my pretty nails. I’ve started scheduling appointments with girlfriends as a way to catch up and chat.
  • Scheduling in my runs – What’s the first thing to go during a busy time… my run or pilates workout. Putting it on the calendar and making it priority is key. How can I be an example if I can’t even fit in my own workout?!?
  • Overpriced smoothies – I usually make my own smoothies and they are good but not quite as good as the one I love at a local smoothie shop. With the substitutions I’ve made to this smoothie subbing in almond butter and almond milk … I’ve created the most expensive smoothie on the menu! On a Sunday morning after a long, sweaty run … I think I’m worth that pricey smoothie 😉
  • A long talk on the phone with a good friend. Sometimes I combine this with a walk around the neighborhood and that’s a win win.
  • Facials – doesn’t it just feel good to be pampered and also know you are doing something good for your skin. It’s an hour of relaxation, too! If you are on a budget, keep an eye out because someone’s always offering a deal for a facial!
  • Reading – sad to say but reading has become an indulgence! It should not be but making time some times feels impossible unless we prioritize it. Reading a magazine cover to cover or diving into a new novel can take you somewhere new in your mind! This weekend I caught up on my magazines and started a new book, too.
  • Seeking fun – Last week I found out at about noon that I had a ticket if I wanted it to see Maren Morris and Alicia Keys film CMT’s Crossroads that very evening. I was already feeling behind and trying to get ready for my trip … but these are two artist I love and a unique opportunity. I decided to go against what seemed like my better judgement – and I loved it!! The show was amazing!! Life went on and everything got done. It was a good reminder that a little break for fun can make you more productive before and after!

So there you have just a few of my ‘tank-fillers’.  Yours may be completely different but I urge you to think about what ways you can replenish yourself. Try not to hit the wall like I did … a little here and there makes a big difference. Often times I believe it is about priorities and making sure ‘YOU’ are one of your priorities.


6 thoughts on “Refilling my Tank!

  1. Thanks for the tank filler tips. Good to do that and take care of you. We shared your story on our Facebook page. We were curious, how did you find a Pilates class to take where you traveled to on your trip?

  2. It’s always nice to know of a place to go. Heather is a Pilates studio owner in Phoenix and found many of her students asked for references about where they could take a class when they were out of town. She came up with the idea of Pilatespal in large part to help folks when they travel to find a place where they can continue their Pilates practice. The site is designed to add reviews and create networking opportunities where folks can work together to help each other as instructors or guide their students in finding good locations for all Pilates services. We have several listing on the Pilatespal site for Chicago. Are any of them the place you are familiar with? If so, would you be interested in reviewing them for the members of the site?

  3. We would love to have your studio on the site and can get Reform Pilates Studio on there as well. Please have your students review your site when you are added so then when folks search your area for studios, they will see yours and the ratings your students give. That will help those who are searching to know, your place is the one to go to.

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