Healthy Holiday Gifts

This year for Christmas my boyfriend and I decided to get each other bicycles. We are getting them for the kids too (shh – it’s a secret!)  My goal is for us to be the Von Trapp Family of bicycles traveling around Nashville together on 2 wheels – we’ll leave the singing to someone else!  bike

When we first started thinking about Christmas and presents we went through the usual clothes, jewelry, toys, kitchen stuff and so on. We talked about tickets to a special event or a weekend trip, too. But at the end of the day we wanted a gift that encouraged us to be active and spend fun quality time together all year. Bikes seemed to fit that requirement and was a gift we could use for years to come.

It can be difficult to figure out what to get some folks on your list and often we revert to the easy option – a new shirt.  This year I encourage you to think about giving healthy gifts that can encourage activity in a fun way.

Here are some suggestions:

– A gift card to dance lessons – swing, hip hop, salsa – you name it!  Wouldn’t it be fun to learn something new and break a sweat doing it?  Skills not required – just an open mind!

– How about a pedometer, a trail map and some scheduled times to hike together?

– What if you paid for the entry into a race/walk several months from now and trained together? Talk about motivation and accountability!

– Sporting Equipment – bikes, golf clubs, tennis racquet, roller blades – pick any sport you like.

– If you want to eat healthy – how about investing in some healthy cooking lessons. Finding tasty, healthy things you know how to make is half the battle!

– I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a gift certificate to try Pilates!

Those are just a few simple suggestions on how you can use your gift giving to encourage health and happiness this year. Get creative! Have fun and be active!

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