On My Way to the PMA

This week I am headed to the PMA conference – that’s Pilates Method Alliance – the official governing and certifying board for Pilates.  All respected Pilates businesses and leaders are associated with the PMA – so you can see it’s a smart and great place to learn and grow!  FINAL_PMA_CPT_FindMeLOGO

Why do I go to the conference every year?  It’s long days, lots of learning, limited down time and while I’ll be in Fort Lauderdale – I guarantee I won’t have time for the beach! I go because to be my best and bring my best to you, I believe it is essential to keep learning.

While Pilates is not a new practice and the principles remain the same, there is still more to learn!  New research is done on dealing with injuries, pregnancy, special populations and more.  We continue to learn more and more about the human body.  It wasn’t that many years ago the word Fascia was unheard of and now we know how important it is to healthy movement and muscle recovery.   We continue to learn about sequencing of movements to build strength and rehab injuries.  We can learn about what cues work best or what to do with challenging clients.  We can also learn more about our own bodies so we can get it and explain it better!

Whatever you do – keep learning!  I am always surprised and disappointed when I see instructors who seek the minimum amount of knowledge and consider that good enough.  This is why the fitness industry some times gets a bad name!  This is why well intentioned clients get injured or burnout.  As an instructor or teacher it’s our job to keep our clients healthy, inspired, and to teach them something new too!  Otherwise, we are no better than a workout DVD.  The more my clients understand the WHY behind the exercise the easier it is to get the form right and see results.

So this week – I’ll be learning lots that I can’t wait to share with you.  Your job – learn something new – anything that interests you and share it with me in class next week!  Happy learning!!

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