Off Week

Conquer the Hills!

Last week was somewhat of a challenging one. I found out a family member has cancer. I had a relationship end.  It was for the best and amicable  but still an ending. I had an unexpected car issue that needed immediate assistance.  And if that’s not enough it was the final days leading up to a big neighborhood event that I was involved with.  That’s a lot.  I should also mention it was a cold, gray weather kind of week- even Mother Nature wasn’t on my side!

How did I respond?  For starters I sought out comfort food and rationalized that it was ok because I was dealing with a lot.  My workouts were sporadic and pathetic.  By the end of the week I felt like a slug and just plain gross.

Today I decided it was time to take back control and conquer something!  I picked the hardest run I know – lots of hills and really no flats.  It wasn’t lost on me that this loop is farther than I’ve been running lately.  I told myself I was going to finish it even if walking was required.  I wore my garmin but wasn’t really concerned about my pace.  The goal was to finish.  I thought seeing the miles click off might be motivating.

I was surprised to find my pace was good and I was able to run the whole loop – almost a mile farther than my current long run.  I conquered it and it felt good.  I took back the power in my life.

We all have off weeks.  I’m sure this won’t be my last one.  It’s how we respond that matters, though.  It’s ok to take a few ‘yuck’ days – as long as that doesn’t become the new norm.  I don’t mind that I had an off week because it reminded me why I workout and eat right.  I feel better.  It’s that simple.  Sometimes we need a break to get re-inspired and back in the game.  My run today filled me with good endorphins and a desire to get back to it this week.

Next time you have an off day or two or even week accept it for what it is but just don’t let it become your new norm.  Take back control and conquer your next workout.  You’ll be glad you did!

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