Not Gonna Do It!

Not Gonna Do It!

For better or for worse, I can’t hear the phrase “Not Gonna Do It” without envisioning George Bush making the vertical hand gesture. Or maybe it’s really more Saturday Night Live’s spoof that should get credit for this image sticking in my head all these years. Either way- feel free to envision me making the hand gesture as I tell you about what I’m not gonna do!

Unlike a list of new year’s resolutions – I decided to make a list of things I’m just not going to do anymore!  Certainly it will be easier to not do things versus having to actually do things right??  I’m doing a little house cleaning if you will and here’s the top ten list of what’s got to go:

1.  All things Kardashian- Seriously here’s what I have gained and learned from this family: NOTHING! These girls never went to college, never worked a real job, have foul potty mouths, an absurd sense of entitlement and contribute nothing to society. I’ll be pretty proud of myself if the next time Kim gets married, I’m the last one to know about it.

2. US Weekly – Since 90% of US Weekly’s content is Kardashian this one just has to go. I used to travel and fly a decent amount. This magazine provided the right amount of entertainment for a short flight. Now, I don’t travel for work so much and the magazines pile up begging me to find out how Kim lost 3 lbs. or if Beyonce really was pregnant??? My subscription runs out in February and I’ll say so long US Weekly – we had a good run!

3. Emails from companies I don’t patronize – Last time I checked my inbox I had a slew of emails from companies I’m sure I didn’t sign up for – all begging for my attention. Open me – buy my product!  All the cool kids are doing it!!  It’s information overload. Today I received some fabulous recipes for Helmans Mayonnaise. I don’t even like mayonnaise! Piperlime is another one- never bought a single product here. Not saying these are bad companies but I could do without the constant emails. Unsubscribe please!

4.  Mayonnaise – never liked it – not gonna start now.

5.  Going to Target when I am bored – no good comes from this!  Target is like a toy store for adults – lots of colorful, fun, bright things. It is not possible to just buy dish soap at Target! Getting a cart when you walk in is probably the first sign of problems to come. There’s so much room in the cart and so many wonderful things can fit in it! I’m not giving up Target for sure – but I am saying no to mindless wandering and buying when I’m bored.

6. Signing up for Races and not showing up. Yeap- I’ve done that! I’ve found many a good excuse to talk myself out of running races when my training wasn’t adequate or I was concerned I might not do well. So moving forward I’m going to stop making ‘donations’ to races (Warrior Dash- I’m talking to you!)  This might mean I sign up for less races – and that’s ok. If I sign up – I’m showing up!

7.  Asian Food – yes that includes Thai and Sushi too! I know there is something in asian food that seriously does not agree with me. The result is not good at all  – think 4am massive stomach cramps wanting to take a knife to my belly to relieve the pressure and pain. But yet I still find myself getting talked into ‘Just try this-  it’s different’ from time to time. I’m the one who pays the price. I’m restating my “Just say no to Asian Food” policy. Period.

8.  Wearing my Victoria Secret Pink Sweatpants- even around the house. I’m not 15 or even 25. I’ve passed the age I believe where it’s OK to have a message written across my butt. Some much younger girl will be thrilled to discover these gently used sweatpants at Goodwill I’m sure!

9.  Attempting to like the ‘great’ movies that win all the awards – Hello my name is Lucie, I am a chick-flick-aholic.  It’s been two days since my last chick flick. There I said it – and I’m going to own it. I watch movies to escape and be happy. Movies about mental illness, incest, corruption in the church, dead babies, etc. do not fit that bill. I’m saying no thanks to the pressure to see a movie just because it’s critically acclaimed.

10.  Feeling like I have to have 10 things to make this list look tidy or complete. Not gonna do it. Done.

That’s it – my list of ‘Not Gonna Do It’. I have to run because I have plenty to NOT do today. Incidentally, I should have more time for Pilates now too! What are you going to NOT do??? I’d love to hear your list!

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